riding the re:bike

after day 1 did not go so well – we had troubles with hardware, a dead router – the terrific group work on day 2 made it possible to finish the re:boot:cycle or re:bike.

the re:bike - solar panel, bullet & basket, cams, ..

the re:bike - solar panel, bullet & basket, cams, ..

it now provides

  • an internet uplink via 3G
  • a local wifi cloud via a Ubiquiti Bullet

all run fully autonomous from solar power (55 W panel, 35 Ah battery, for now)

next steps:

  • all kinds of apps over usb – video, gps to openstreetmap, power stats
  • a version with flexible solar panels … wrap it in light

we will make all technical info and a gallery available here, soon – for now we will ride the bike to the reboot afterparty.

thanks to everybody who was part of this (and to those we have forgotten, pls add your comments or write to us at wire_at_less_dk):

  • catherine miller (reinvented – the wonderful basket)
  • luisa carbonelli (the wonderful basket)
  • morgan roderick
  • olle jonsson
  • peter madsen mygdal
  • reboot at large
  • siert wijnia (reprap)
  • thomas madsen mygdal
  • tilmannn singer
  • torben oleander

we are tomas antvorskov krag and sebastian buettrich, wire.less.dk .

next plans and how to get involved:

check out the project wiki and/or send us a mail: wire atandsoforthyouknow  less dot dk

here is Vilhelm’s first ride on the bike: